Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trip Advisor Ranking

Happy to see that we (Country Inn the City) are now number 5 (up from 8 just a couple of months ago) on the NYC list for trip advisor, the number one customer/guest driven review site on the planet. One of the problems we face with trip advisor is that the site is contingent upon whether or not guests of the inn find the time to review us. We very much appreciate all those who have and hope that one day our trip advisor ranking will catch up to our ranking by the travel press.

For better or worse the internet has helped create a world in which personal review sites carry more weight than the pros, that is those who specialize in seeking out the best properties by way of  comparison testing. First you have to be found and then you have to be compared and tested. In the end our goal as a business is to represent ourselves as well as we possibly can while staying within our budget, for both guests and travel professionals alike. Smaller bed and breakfast-style properties such as ourselves of course have a harder time getting noticed but what that means for the guest is that we work harder on our product, meaning more quality, more space, more service, better rates.

Thank you to all for supporting small business...

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  1. This just shows that your guests are very happy with your services. Good work! I hope the Country Inn the City will continue to climb those ratings on TripAdvisor.

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