Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bed and breakfast photography

One of the most important things an innkeeper can do is to hire a professional photographer. As the saying goes ''A picture is worth a thousand words." As the innkeeper for the award winning Country Inn the City (since inception in 1991) here in Manhattan, I have tried numerous ways to score top quality photographs at an affordable price with varying degrees of success. However, during this difficult economy I have come to realize that good is not good enough and that in order to survive in these trying times one must spend more to stay ahead. In the last year the inn has spent more on improvements than in the last six. We have upgraded our furnishings, amenities, and we have done a fair amount of re-modeling and maintenance. Nothing irritates me more as an innkeeper than a poorly maintained bathroom. A good caulk and grout job can make all the difference to our guest's comfort.

In order to take advantage of all these improvements we hired an up and coming bed and breakfast specialist in Christian Gianelli who we found through PAII.ORG. He shot the inn today with his wife Melissa. They were a pleasure to work with and we cannot wait for the results. The new photos will launch on our new website which is currently under works. We feel that this one two punch will bring us a great deal of new business. We might be small with a total of just four suites but we know one thing and that is that our establishment is a boon to anyone who seeks more from their stay. More space, more quality, more value, and more privacy -- in an unbeatable central location, one far enough from the typical tourist traps but no so far as to render one's stay inconvenient.

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